Thursday, November 19, 2009

Great toothbrush, pity about the novel

On the rise of the online moron

How good is the average customer review on Amazon, and what does its quality tell us about the health of Western civilization? Or, to ask a less boring version of the same question, how bad is the average below-average review on Amazon, and exactly how fucked are we? Below, selected entirely not at random, is a customer review from the Amazon page devoted to Lucky Jim. The review is entitled “Time Have Changed My Perception.” Feel free to insert your own sics:

Years ago, when I had the first oportunity to read this book, it seemed to be real fun, while today it is just description of general problems of academic enviroment, it looks that nothing have realy change or will change. The stagnation of academia is a pemanent dilema: today teachings are the absolite truths, defended by the old guards.

Reading this, I had a brief dilemma of my own ... [read more]