Saturday, November 11, 2017

The best revenge

Ten years ago, Bruce Beresford published a gem of a memoir called Josh Hartnett Definitely Wants to Do This. Written in diary form, the book chronicled a year or two of Beresford’s life in the trenches of the modern film industry. Ideally, of course, Beresford’s job is to direct movies. And his CV is thick with garlanded pictures: Breaker Morant, Driving Miss Daisy, Mao’s Last Dancer. But as his first book gorily demonstrated, even a film-maker as successful as he is must spend an ungodly proportion of his time developing projects that go nowhere slowly.

Fortunately for him, and for his readers, Beresford has a keen sense of the absurd. This was on show straight away, in the first two words of his book’s title. ... [read more]